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Days Passed  (2018)

This series was created during a period in my life when I was taken over by an increasingly intense anxiety –unbearable but still changing in character. To take control of the situation and to make sure that the feeling was not a constant state, I began to visualize the experience in drawings. One drawing a day, where the variations in brightness and character corresponded to the varying intensity of anxiety during the day.

Some days the anxiety was underlying, uneasy. Other days it was desperate, intense and took possession of my whole body and breathing – an anxiety so severe that it was impossible to distract. There were also days when the anxiety could be likened to the panic of a nightmare, when in a free fall one realizes that the ground is approaching. Only that the liberation from the nightmare, the awakening, never occurred. Instead, the race was repeated time and time again, with renewed intensity, within just a few minutes. The drawings became a tool. They gave me an assurance that it was a temporary condition and they gave me the opportunity to visually review and observe the development. 

The hand became a seismograph of emotions.


Graphite on paper. In total 58 drawings á 15 x 21 cm. 

Installation view Days Passed at ID:I Gallery
Installation view Days Passed at ID:I Gallery

Installation view ID:I Gallery, Stockholm 2020

Selection of drawings

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