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Hi! I'm a visual artist based in Östersund and Stockholm, Sweden.


The core of my work is the human experience - the complexity and challenges of being human. I have a great interest in the interpersonal dynamics, how it is expressed and the strategies we humans create to handle difficult situations. In earlier work I have amongst other things examined the contradictory, the dynamic between control and chaos within close relationships and the wordless communication in everyday life.

Lately my focus has been various aspects of mental health with an ambition to increase the understanding of what it can be like to struggle with mental health issues in a society with a low tolerance for deviations. The tendency to define conditions and people as "normal" and "abnormal" respectively, and the view of people struggling with mental health as defective, I believe results in ostracism. I wish to work for a more inclusive society and contribute to the societal debate that looks to break the stigma.


I work multidisciplinary in a process-based practice that is mainly expressed through drawing, sculpture, installation and textile application.

Member of:
Konstnärscentrum öst

Visual Artist Association

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